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Board of Directors Meeting Agenda Template

It is in the interest of an organization to conduct meetings and to know about what is happening in the organization and to make better decisions. Meetings are conducted of various natures and about almost everything. They can range from everyday meetings where everyday matters are discussed to board of director meetings which are conducted to discuss about the various aspects of the organization, the financial position of the company, the future of the organization and various goals and objectives that are to be achieved. Board of director meetings is conducted approximately once a month or every time there is a need for an important decision to be made. These meetings discuss the various facets of the organization and to discuss about any latest projects that are going on. Important discussions happen in these meetings and the course of the organization is also discussed.

For a board of director meeting to be conducted effectively and efficiently, an agenda should be made a week before the meeting so that the senior management who will be taking part in the meeting can go through before the start of the meeting. This agenda can be made by the secretaries of the board members or by themselves and then be passed around to the other members. The agenda usually encompasses what the board wants to discuss on that day, if there are specific problems that are to be addressed, if there are some goals and objectives to be set, is there going to be some kind of briefing and if yes, then by whom, if something important will be talked about and etc. Many a times, this agenda follows a usual pattern or in most cases a template is used to avoid spending a lot of time in formatting the agenda. Organizations that conduct board of director meetings send their agendas via email.

It is best, when making an agenda that several points be considered. There should be a system where the other members know what point or bullet on the agenda is important and needs immediate attention and which are not. This can be done through a color coding system which will help in knowing the important.  One of the most important things about creating a board of director meeting agenda is that it should be concise, this is because the board members don’t have a lot of time and they want something that is concise yet clears the point. Another thing that should be kept in mind is mentioning the time of the meeting in the agenda. As mentioned above, board members are usually time restricted and for them, every minute counts! This is why mentioning the time is crucial so they clear out their schedules well before the meeting, this would enable them to give a good time to the meeting and for the meeting to be effective. Make use of a font which is readable and is decipherable and should be a formal one. Avoid using too much bold or underlining the content since it gives the whole agenda a messy and disorganized look.

Here is preview of a Free Board of Directors Meeting Agenda Template created using MS Word,

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda Template

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