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Conducting International Business Meeting

One of the stressful things that needs to be handled with subtle and trick while you are working with foreigners or internationally involves the risk that small and minute everyday gestures can also misinterpreted badly while leaving adverse influence on them that could also affect your business deals and meeting in a negative way. For example if you are nodding your head up and down in America this gesture signifies that you are agree with certain person. But in Bulgaria the same gesture is interpreted asyou are disagreeing with certain person by doing so. Physical gestures play an important role while you are having a meeting in a foreign country. Fromwhat to wear, which title to be used, how to carry on the negotiations and whether or not to bring a gift are the questions and tasks that business needs to answer and deal while working with international business people. For example, it is a custom in Thailand to exchange gifts during your second business meeting. However, gift giving is considered to be a form of bribery and it is illegal in China. Whereas it’s common to call business colleagues by their first names in North America, but this is considered inappropriate in Japan. Japanese acquaintances should always be called by their title or by their last name with the prefix san. There is Time orientated cultures like that of the British or Germans they always have strict approaches for runningbusiness meetings. The start time and finishing time and all the different stages and discussions and actions during the meeting will be planned carefully. And don’t think you can ignore foreign etiquette while you are meeting over the Internet like virtual meeting. Virtual meetings are still required to reflect the customs and traditions of the individuals you’re meeting and it also comes with same rules apply.


Virtual meetings also have the added difficulty as you are not physically being with the people you are having a business deal. A misinterpreted sentence could lead to a major misunderstanding and you have no chance to mend that afterwards.International business etiquette comes in many shapes and sizes. All over the world people from different cultures have got different etiquette rules for personal space, communication, gift giving, food, business meetings etc. For those who want to make a good impression and understanding of international business etiquette it is a crucial task.Some cultures like to talk loudly like US and Germany, some softly like India and China, some speak directly like Holland and Denmark others indirectly like UK and Japan, some tolerate interrupting others while speaking to Brazil not with Canada some are very blunt and bold like Greece and some very flowery like found in Middle East. Without the right international business etiquette application, the international delegates can be easily offended. We can say that good etiquette is very helpful in maintaining good terms and ties with people. Those that lack etiquette are considered as rough and rude and they leave a very bad impression in the business meeting.

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